The StepCrew

Friday, March 24, 2023 | 8 PM

The StepCrew is a dynamic dance production combining three styles of percussive dance — Irish, Tap, and Ottawa Valley — in a fully realized theatrical setting. This amazing company is led by Cara Butler and Pilatzke brothers Jon and Nathan. Soloist Cara Butler is best known as The Chieftains’ top Irish dancer for the last three decades, while Jon and Nathan Pilatzke are undoubtedly Canada’s leading and most exciting Ottawa Valley Step dancers. Accompanied by some of the most virtuosic musicians from the Celtic, traditional and rock genres, The StepCrew achieves the ultimate balance of respecting traditional forms of dance and creating exciting modern fusions never seen or heard before. The show will have the audience literally on its feet!

The show content itself takes its audience on a journey through varying arrays of textures – high energy dance, haunting vocals, groovy music, and many moments of unique dance display involving everything from complicated choreography to comical usage of props. The StepCrew was designed to boast not only the complex displays of grandiose staging and musicality, but also the pure talents of solo performers with nothing more than their feet, instruments, and voices to reach their audience. There can be an aura of competition between the dancers – times when they are each trying to outdo the other – but the overall concept of The StepCrew is one of unity.  Three styles of percussive dance come together to produce one unique amalgamation which encompasses the characteristics of all three forms. On a musical note, two of the dancers are nationally acclaimed fiddlers; while the beautiful vocals maintain not only a Celtic voice element but provide a wonderful and dramatic contrast to the rhythmic pulse of the show. All of these performance highlights are grounded and connected by one of the top musical ensembles in today’s professional circuit, offering up original musical arrangements in everything from the bluesy origins of Tap dancing to traditional Irish and Scottish music, to modern day Celtic fusion. Needless to say, there is something for every enthusiast in The StepCrew.      

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