Photo credit: Jay Gilbert


Often referred to as American Music Royalty, The Temptations are world-renowned superstars of entertainment, revered for their phenomenal catalog of music and prolific career. The group will be celebrating their 60th Anniversary beginning in June 2021 through June 2022. To mark this milestone, the Temptations are releasing a brand-new album with new, original songs, and are planning to tour both in the U.S, dates to be determined, and in the UK, fall of 2021. Dr. Otis Williams, the sole surviving member of the original, classic lineup of the Temptations, will turn 80 years old on October 30, 2021.

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Performed at The Grand – January 2006, scheduled May 2020 performance postponed by COVID-19


Combined, these three Rock & Roll Hall of Fame groups have been associated with well over forty of the top classic songs in Rock & Roll history. From “Under the Boardwalk” and “Only You” to “Yakety Yak”, very few artists can boast of a richer musical resume.

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Performed at The Grand – October 2006 (Platters Nov. 1997)